Steam Cylinder Oils (SCO) and Motion Bearing Oils (LBO)

The Flying Scotsman

Riley & Son (E) Ltd, steam locomotive engineers, based in Bury, Lancashire, UK, have been evaluating Hallett Steam Oils for some years now on their own fleet, which cover heritage railways, and mainline railways, over the Scottish Highlands, to Mallaig and beyond, as well as Carlisle to Settle railway and other UK railtours. During this period, Riley’s were so impressed with the quality and service given from Hallett Steam Oils, that the decision was taken to fully endorse Hallett Steam Oils use on the restored Flying Scotsman Locomotive, THE most famous locomotive in the world.

Steam cylinders and steam valves and chests, remain free of carbon, using our Steam Cylinder Oil (SCO) range of lubricants, and show no signs of wear, with sufficient lubrication when and where it is needed. Our compounded oils range emulsify with water without causing problems, which some other oils cause.

Flying Scotsman

Motion, Bearings and Connecting Rods, remain in excellent working order, using our Locomotive Bearing Oils (LBO) range of lubricants, without any unwanted staining of paintwork, but maintaining a good film of oil where required. Our compounded oils range, emulsify with water without causing problems, which some other oils cause.

All of these benefits can be seen on the extensive Steam Locomotive fleet we currently supply, including Flying Scotsman, Bittern, Tornado, Sir Nigel Gresley, Princess Elizabeth, Tangmere, Royal Scot, Battle of Britain Class, Braunton etc., etc. We are now supplying, probably over 98% of all Mainline Railway Steam Locomotives, and a similar number, if not more in terms of percentage, of Heritage Railway Centres up and down Great Britain, Ireland and beyond. We also have case studies in New Zealand, Australia and Iceland.

A Great British company, manufacturing Great Steam Oil Products, fit for purpose, fit for The Most Famous Steam Locomotive Engine In The World.

Watch a video of the newly refurbished Flying Scotsman, running Mainline on Hallett Steam Oils…

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